729 Solutions has been building exceptional programs and websites for over 12 years. The core founding team met in the digital agency world at the end of the 1990s and formed a shop together in the deepest darkest days of the tech bubble's burst. They knew that exceptional people with a rich skill set would always be needed in the tech world and had a vision for a quality boutique development shop that could deliver both excellent front end design and user experience and scalable backend server, database and programmatic solutions.

Over the years the team has grown and with it the need to maintain control, quality and manage projects with precision. In response to this 729 has become a strict agile shop using Pivotal Tracker to prioritize, forecast, monitor and deliver development. Our engineering process has been perfected over hundreds of projects with everything from fortune 500 to small companies alike.

Our team is our life blood, and this is our team

Rob Fife

President - CEO/CTO

Rob Fife began writing software in 1982 at the age of 10 (on a Timex Sinclair with 16k of RAM) and still considers it to be a craft as opposed to a job. Over the course of his 20 year professional career Rob has engineered many projects ranging from early e-commerce systems to Service Oriented Architectures for Fortune 500 companies to modern SaaS platforms to highly scalable responsive web and native mobile applications. While Rob’s primary role is now the running of day to day operations and guiding the business & technology direction of 729 Solutions, he continues to be an evangelist for velocity driven agile methodologies and plays an active role in the architecture of current projects.


Randy Chang

Vice President - CFO

Randy Chang has run the gamut of jobs. A short list would consist of constructing artificial limbs for amputees, selling/installing home theaters and multi-room systems, operating sports tournaments and bookkeeping. He co-founded 729 Solutions with Rob Fife. Randy first dealt with front-end work, maintaining websites, desktop and network installation and support, administration and finance. Today, he deals with just the administration and finance aspects of the company because he “codes like a machine”.


Graham Silbermann

Director of Business Development

Graham Silbermann is a veteran sales and marketing professional with 15 years helping companies find market fit, scale operations and help deliver the best product and customer experience possible. He is a Digital marketing expert with domain experience in inbound and outbound marketing strategy and building community around product. Graham has worked in the custom development space for the last 5 years focused on delivering exceptional mobile apps and exceptional UX applications. He is heavily involved in the startup ecosystem helping companies scale their technology, grow users and working with accelerators to help portfolio companies succeed.


Robert Tait

Creative Director

Robert Tait is an ambitious graphic designer with a passion for intuitive interfaces, creative approaches and beautiful results. With over 20 years experience, he’s learned it’s as important to keep up with the modern design trends as it is to keep a solid base in design theory. He works hand in hand with clients to meet their goals with visually compelling results.


James Loren

Project Manager

James Loren has been a web developer and project manager since 1999. During this time, he has enjoyed working with organizations and individuals to build, maintain, and grow their web presence. He is committed to delivering projects that are completed accurately and in a timely manner so that online objectives are achieved. In his spare time, James enjoys trail running, surfing, swimming, and biking as well as going on adventures with his wife and step-children.