729 is proud to announce partnership with Amazon Web Services as a development and consulting partner. 729 Solutions has deep experience building high performance applications on AWS. 729 offers managed AWS service as well as DevOps, big data competency and a host of other AWS cloud services.

Customer Case Studies:

MK Elections Client challenge:

Synchronize large volumes of data from physical devices that are not always connected to the internet using an application that is accurate, secure, and fast.

729 Solutions chose to use AWS to host this complex application, knowing that it would produce results that were accurate, secure, and fast. AWS allowed for synchronization of the client’s large volume of data from the physical scanning devices that were not always connected to the internet. Synchronization was a key concern for the data, both on local peer-to-peer networks, as well as cloud based data synchronization. It was important that the data was secure in the physical devices when they were offline, and remained secure during the intermittent integration, when the devices were connected online. AWS was also used to provide high performance image manipulation and Optical Mark Recognition. 729 Solutions built the on site application in .Net to run completely stand alone on laptops, then connect to the internet to backup all data, utilizing cloud computing to its fullest potential to make sure results were delivered quickly and securely, with incredible data integrity.

Taleswing Client Challenge:

Cloud based video processing, with delivery to a high traffic mobile application.

Using AWS, 729 Solutions created a fully scalable hosting solution that exposes an API to a native iOS application. The application ingested video clips from the users, processed them, then linked to other videos in the same storyline before making them available for streaming to the larger public user base. These resulting stories could then be shared with other users, or delivered as videos to social media outlets. Given the continued popularity of video and social media, we also ensured that the application would dynamically scale with the growth of the user base, as well as handle high traffic peaks with little-to-no warning.


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Migrations and Integrations

Typical Client Challenge: Integrate data from multiple sources, including physical, virtual, cloud-based, API, hybrid, and legacy environments.

As an integrations specialist, 729 Solutions has extensive experience building scalable, testable, and fault tolerant solutions for both one-time migrations, and automated, continuous synchronizations.
We take advantage of serverless technologies, like Lambda and SQS, or can work with cost effective asset storage solutions (both short and long term), such as S3 and Glacier.



  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Aurora
  • Lambda
  • API Gateway Dynamo
  • Server & Database Migration
  • RDS for Postgres
  • CloudFront

729 Solutions is a process driven, platform agnostic company. We create workflow driven apps with continuous integration, automated deployment, and build quality system integrations.