Are you currently using desk.com?

Salesforce has announced the retirement of Desk on March 13, 2020. Desk will no longer be supported or available after that date.

We can also help you replicate all your agent workflows in Zendesk so you can seamlessly transition your business with the lowest downtime. If you have triggers, macros or other automations we can help you make them work in Zendesk.

729 Solutions will migrate all your customer data from Desk into Zendesk and set you up for success. We will make sure you safely move all of your precious customer records including companies, conversations, users, account info, etc.

729 can do anything you need us to do

729 can also build completely custom applications to connect any other system with an API or even help you build an API if needed. We have a team of Zendesk developers who have experience building in the new Zendesk V2 app framework.

We can build real time data sync systems for almost anything you can think of! If your agents need to see customer data from anywhere else let us help you bring it into Zendesk and present it in a way that helps them.

729 will make sure your migration is done Professionally, efficiently and accurately.

Our structured, well tested, migrations process includes...

729 performs a full API data extraction, export or review of your data

Data is cleaned up and reviewed to provide a final version

We work with you to find the most valuable data and ensure integrity

A mapping process is set up to translate data between the systems

A 'delta' migration is performed into 729's test account

There is a final review of migrated data in Zendesk to test for accuracy

All customer, company and ticket data is migrated into your new Zendesk Instance

what you can expect from working with 729 solutions

729 Solutions will help you make the best use of your Zendesk account by seamlessly connecting it to your other business tools. We specialize in migrations, integrations, implementations and customizing Zs section.

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