Is technology beautiful? Or can art be technological? Maybe the answer to both, is yes. Beauty and creativity can be found in unexpected places, often times using or made with technologies both old and new.

  • 80-year old wooden escalators were given a new lease on life when they were repurposed as inter-looping ceiling sculptures by Australian artist Chris Fox. This pair of wooden escalators were a technological wonder back in 1931, but were eventually replaced by newly fashioned plastic and metal ones. Instead of discarding these beautiful wooden structures the technology was given a place of honor in this special art installation.



  • Sewing machines aren’t the only players in the machine game for stitching; embroidery machines with complex embroidery software are a fun technological addition for stitchers of all skill levels. Available from a variety of companies, creating beautiful embroidered designs can be relatively inexpensive by purchasing the modular based add ons.


  • Wildlife conservation biologist Lara Cooper took her fiber art to the next level with a crocheted blanket that visualizes climate change data. Each hexagon unit represents a single year, with the different colors showing the average temperature. This merging of science and crafting produced a beautiful blanket with a powerful, factual, and thought provoking message.

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