After you have taken the time to put together a beautiful and comprehensive Zendesk Guide and Knowledge Base for your end-users, you have to find a way to get that information to the masses. One of the best ways to drive traffic to your community knowledge base is to link them everywhere that you can think of, where your customers might be hanging out.

Agents can help with this process as they answer tickets and interact with clients, they can link to content right inside a ticket when they comment, not only making customers aware that the knowledge exists, but also showing them where to look in the future for other questions before filling out a request form.

There are also many places inside and outside your Zendesk instance that you can link to your Guide and bring specific content to customers.

Ways Agents Can Help

  • Introduce new agents to existing content
  • Keep agents informed about new content and updates
  • Establish a process for linking to content
  • Provide easy access to the Knowledge Base and community

Other ways to promote your Knowledge Base

  • Linking to content in your Zendesk
    • Within agent signatures
    • In Macros i.e. reusable response content
    • In ticket comments
    • In auto-response emails for received requests
    • In auto-response emails for solved requests
    • On promoted or pinned articles on support home page
  • Linking outside your Zendesk
    • On your company website
    • On your companies different social media accounts
    • Linked on product pages
    • Other customer outreach forums, like in email footers and welcome or follow up emails.


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