The GitHub blog offers a lot of useful information or Git users and developers in general. Here are a few post from the last couple months that we found interesting and thought others might like to check out.


Show your projects in motion with animated GIFs – This article talks all about Gifs and how you can used them to showcase your work within GitHub. As well as the many tools, tricks, and techniques that can help you produce high quality animations of your projects with in GitHub. This is both informative and fun!


How the Nintendo Entertainment System lives on in open source – This article is one of many that focuses on the gaming community. It discusses how older Nintendo games have been able to continue to be enjoyed thanks to open source and links to many if you are looking to play!


What I learned about open source development through Probot – This post is from the perspective of a student currently working in computer science. He delves into describing a project through Probot and using it to improve your overall workflow with in GitHub. Probot is an open source framework used to build applications for GitHub based on NodeJS.


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