In our first two Sophos posts we did a product overview of the network and end user products that they currently have available. In this post we continue to to explore the products available through Sophos Email and Intercept X (secure servers) which like the other products we have discussed can be integrated all together into one Sophos dashboard.


Email and Server Product Overview

Secure Email Gateway utilizes the same technology as Intercept X. The AI built into Sophos Email sandboxing is a neural network, able to detect both known and unknown threats, as well as unwanted applications before they do any damage. Sophos employes a series of virtual machines that mimic real end user environments where their actions can be monitored and attachments delivered securely. The Secure Email Gateway locates and blocks phishing attempts and stealth attacks. It works with any business email service including Office 360 and Google Suite, and can be integrated into Sophos Central (the cloud-based console for managing all your Sophos products).


Sophos Phish Threat tests and educates end users through quality security awareness training, actionable reporting metrics, and automated attack simulations. The continual stream of intelligence and information Sophos interacts with ensures that user training covers current phishing tactics, with relevant attack simulations, covering many scenarios from beginner to expert. Even better, this is all translated into nine languages making it more globally accessible. Phish Threat also provides a at-a-glance dashboard that gives results on user susceptibility, and allows you to measure overall risk levels for your entire user group. The dashboard also provides “Awareness Factor Data” including: total users tested, total users caught, current user susceptibility rating, days since last campaign and average training passing score.


Intercept X for Server is powerful protection for your server, leveraging cutting-edge protection; the deep learning malware detection, exploit prevention, and technologies are designed to stop ransomware and boot record attacks. Ensure that server configurations are safe no matter where they are located, by utilizing Intercept X features Server Lockdown and Cloud Workload Discovery features.


If you are looking for superior protection for your email or servers then one or a combination of these tools are definitely worth looking into and possibly rolling into your security plan.


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