At the beginning of 2018 New Relic has announced new cloud integrations. If you are using cloud based software and integrations these updates could be the key to your success and it probably about time to incorporate them. These integrations for Google Cloud Platform, AWS and Azure make for smarter and faster cloud deployment.


New Relic’s new cloud integrations include:

  • Google Cloud Platform: Compute Engine, Cloud Storage Service, Cloud Functions Service
  • AWS: Elastic Beanstalk, Simple Email Service (SES), Auto Scaling, CloudTrail (beta), Personal Health Dashboards (beta)
  • Azure: Virtual Machines, Functions, Cosmos DB, Service Bus, Virtual Network, AppService, SQL DB Service, Storage (beta), Load Balancer (beta)
  • See the full list of Azure integrations


The integrations also make the oversight of multi-cloud and hybrid environments easier,  as they are able to give an overview of all the apps you are using and all your hosts no matter where they live. Cloud service integrations can help with your move to fully functioning in the cloud, even if you aren’t there in the beginning.

Check out this cloud integrations post on New Relic’s blog to learn more!


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