Quick Case Study: Configuring New Relic to support HealthBridge Financial

Tools like New Relic are often purchased with a specific need in mind, but often clients do not understand all the potential that a tool has to offer. 729 Solutions helps our clients make the most out of the tools they are using (and payin for!), making sure that the tool is used comprehensively across their brand and beyond any initial needs.


Client Request:

HealthBridge Financial is a FinTech startup that provides options for simplifying health care bills and making payments as fair, simple, and painless as possible.  When they came to 729 Solutions, HealthBridge financial had New Relic installed but they were unsure if they were taking full advantage of the range of New Relic’s capabilities.



729 Solutions reviewed HealthBridge Financial’s New Relic configuration seeking to identify and locate the ways they could be making New Relic work better for them. We set up baselines for infrastructure and applications so HealthBridge Financial had a 360 degree view of performance. This provided the client with proactive monitoring measures that capture application errors and allows their development team to identify and fix issues before they become problems for end users.


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