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We are software engineers, developers, designers, project managers, and outside-of-the-box thinkers. We are leaders in the world of software development, design, and implementation. A one-stop-shop, you might say, and proud of it.

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About 729 Solutions

Our History

729 Solutions has been building exceptional programs and websites for over 15 years. The core founding team met in the digital agency world at the end of the 1990s and formed a shop together in the deepest darkest days of the tech bubble’s burst. They knew that exceptional people with a rich skill set would always be needed in the tech world and had a vision for a quality boutique development shop that could deliver both excellent front end design and user experience and scalable backend server, database and programmatic solutions.

Over the years the team has grown and with it the need to maintain control, quality and manage projects with precision. In response to this 729 has become a strict Agile shop using Pivotal Tracker to prioritize, forecast, monitor and deliver development. Our engineering process has been perfected over hundreds of projects with everything from Fortune 500 to small and medium sized companies alike.

Who we are

We are problem solvers. We think outside the box. We’re big enough to get the job done, but small enough to care about our clients.  We’re based in San Francisco, but our hearts beat with more of a mid-west mentality.

We are software engineers, developers, designers, project managers, and outside-of-the-box thinkers.  We are leaders in the world of software development, design, and implementation. A one-stop-shop, you might say, and proud of it.

We are 729 Solutions – and we make awesome stuff.  If you can think of it … we can do it.

What We Do

We take your ideas and make them a reality.

Our four departments will manage your project from inception through completion and beyond, coordinating along the way so none of the pieces fall through the cracks.

We provide solutions and make them work efficiently.

Our Departments


With specialties ranging from complex systems architecture, software development, implementations and integrations, we can accomplish your App Engineering & Development, Website Development, API Connections, and Custom Agile needs.  Whether it’s a massive infrastructure with multiple integrations and intense functionality, or a simple, straightforward single page website – we’ve got you covered.


The fun doesn’t stop when the project goes live.  We offer post-project support such as hosting, scheduled maintenance and updates to front and back-end systems, and monitoring to ensure your project is up and running continuously.  Or, if your in-house team wants to take over from here, we can provide guidance and recommendations on making that transition as seamless as possible.


3rd party services like Zendesk, NewRelic and AWS are meant to simplify your life – but things often get worse before they get better.  “Insert 729 Solutions here”. We help take the pain out of integrations, customization, and setup for products like Zendesk, NewRelic, and AWS by preforming consultations, health-checks, and migrations.  Reach out and let’s see if we can help simplify your processes today.


Our developers make it work, our designers make it look good. It’s not just about fonts and colors – we study how your users will interact with the product and design around them. The result is a product that is functional not only on the back end, but at the point of customer ingestion as well. Let us take your Responsive Websites, App Designs, UI/UX needs, Presentations, Interactive Demos, Brand Systems, Logos and Corporate Identity to a new level. And yes, it’s all under one roof!


Adrian Romero Developer
Allegra Medina-Smith Project Manager & Content Manager
Bill Sammons

Zendesk Administrator (Certified Zendesk Support Administrator) & Project Manager

Bob Tait Designer
Bruno Nesi Senior Developer
Bruno Waldbaum Developer
Chuck Fitzpatrick Director of Process & Project
Dave Woodrick Director of Professional Services
Graham Silbermann VP of Sales & Marketing
Rob Fife Founder, CEO, CTO
James Loren Senior Project Manager
Laura Chaney Project Manager & Director of Inbound Marketing
Leandro Pelorosso Developer
Luis Falciola Senior Engineer
Manish Kumar Zendesk Developer
Martin Besada Developer
Neil Horowski Senior Sales Associate
Nikki Gagliardo Creative Director
Rodrigo Pelorosso Developer
Ignacio Canovi Senior Engineer
Randy Chang Founder, CFO
Ryan Fitzpatrick VP of Operations
Alejandro Fyrdman Developer
Fernando Lopez & Project Manager
Melony Smith Jr. Front End Designer & Developer



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729 Solutions is one of the oldest custom development shops in the San Francisco Bay Area / Silicon Valley. Our team is made up of developers versed in every programming language from basic HTML and CSS to Java, Python and Ruby. We are project managers that can streamline the process, ensuring your project gets done quickly and within budget. We are designers who make you ‘look' good. We are proud of the projects we take on and the quality of work we provide.

We are engineering amazing technology, everyday.


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