Don’t try this at home…

(Unless you want to.)

729 Labs is our space to remember how we got started, and why many of us are here. We enjoy making, fixing and tinkering. The intent of our blog is so we can focus on engaging projects and make awesome things, while learning tangible lessons along the way that we can take back to the office.


The “maker mentality” is really at the core of what software engineering is. 729 Solutions needed to have a space to mess around, learn new technologies and work together on fun and interesting projects without a deadline. It’s a chance to collaborate with old friends outside the organization and to make new ones as we go. 729 Labs gives us the chance to get back to how many of us started: making, fixing and tinkering. Here we can focus on engaging projects and make awesome things, while learning tangible lessons along the way that we can take back to the office.

We also want to show that engineering is a mentality and a way of life that anyone can learn and posses, no matter their formal educational background. We hope to create a space where thoughtful feedback and constructive criticism can lead to growth. Making it easy to engage with and share new ideas with all kinds of people and communities out there. We at 729 Solutions are interesting and creative problem solvers, with a lot to offer to ourselves, our clients and our online community.


  • This is a “no troll zone” so be nice or be gone.
  • No politics, no religion, no “insert controversial topic here.” There are plenty of places to do that.
  • Everyone is welcome here regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, experience, education etc. Nothing here comes with and expressed or implied warranty of any kind. This is a sandbox. Measure once, cut twice. If it melts, figure out why and try it again.
  • Don’t try this at home… unless you want to. Avoid adult supervision. Wear your safety glasses (no really… wear them). People in this community are smart enough not to need explicit rules. Be safe, be an adult, have fun like a kid and don’t be the reason for a rule.
  • If you see something that is unattributed or improperly attributed please TELL US. This is about sharing ideas and having a discourse, not taking credit for anyone else’s work.

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We are engineering amazing technology, everyday.


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