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Posted on 05/14/2018 by Allegra Medina


As briefly described in one of our first posts about GitHub, there are many features provided that help make it such a good choice for developers. Here is a quick overview of each feature you can utilize with in GitHub.


  • Code Review – Make code review an essential part of your team’s workflow.The code review feature lets your team work together to coordinate and refine changes. Your team can review, comment and adjust with ease as you build out code together.
  • Project Management – The Project Management feature allows you to see the big picture, helping you choose where to focus your team’s energy within projects. Conveniently manage in the same place you are working on and reviewing your code.


  • Integrations – GitHub has an extensive Marketplace of apps and tools to help your team perform to their fullest. This allows you to fine tune your approach, and update as needed with great ease.


  • Team Management – Tools to help you manage your team as it grows and changes. Use admin roles and permissions to organize your teams, pull request locking and user blocking to keep things uncluttered and set community guidelines to have things like roles and expectations already preset for all projects.


  • Social Coding – This is a community feature where you can connect with other developers and explore the myriad of projects they are working on, as well as share yours.


  • Documentation – Documentation is very important to all software projects. Use GitHub Pages to host your documentation in a way that can be both useful to your team and easily shared with others. GitHub also provides wikis, each is its own repository, so every change is recorded and can be reviewed against everything that came before.


  • Code Hosting – GitHub allows you to host public, private or open source repositories equipped with tools to help you host, version, and release code.


729 Solutions uses GitHub with each and every development project that we work on and believe it is key to successful project, especially long term ones.


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