New Relic Product Overview

Posted on 06/04/2018 by Allegra Medina



Here at 729 Solutions we want to promote tools and products that we actually like and use, New Relic is one of a kind software engineering tool that we use on a regular basis, so we thought we would showcase their great products. Here are three of New Relic’s products and what they are all about.


  • AMP – This product gives you detailed performance metrics for every aspect of your environment, in real-time which is extremely valuable when building software. AMP includes features like;
    • Multi-tenant SaaS – Super flexible and scalable, this seamless set up is easy for any user.
    • App Monitoring – Resolve problems fast by viewing an apps performance down to specific lines of code and see how each component is connected.
    • Full-stack Alerting – This helps you stay on top of potential issues before they blow up.
    • Rigorous Security – Audited and rigorously documented, New Relic prides itself of high quality data security protocols.


  • Infrastructure – As developers, it is important to be able to monitor your environment for potential bumps in the road. New Relic Infrastructure offers real-time metrics to help you check the health of your ever-changing environment. Features include;
    • Infrastructure Health – Real time health metrics for all your systems. Including host health metrics in real-time, docker container monitoring and metrics and events correlations.
    • Dashboards and Alerting – Flexible tag driven alerting with access to host data in New Relic Insights.
    • Up- to Date Inventory – Search your entire inventory for vulnerabilities, and see live-state change and event tracking.
    • Full Stack Monitoring – Bring application and infrastructure data sets together to help you deploy and manage stable applications.
    • Integrations – Integrate with tools from several different companies including AWS, Azure, Google.  


  • Insights – Get real-time data visualizations using a wide variety of methods to analyze and present your findings. Even watch in real time as data comes streaming in. Features with in Insights include;
    • Pull from many Data Sources – Has the ability to automatically stream your data from APM, Browser, Mobile, and Synthetics for deeper analysis.
    • Data Analysis – Insights gives you a huge array of capabilities and visualizations for analyzing your data in real-time.
    • Data Presentation – Share your data in a variety of ways including through dashboards, embedded charts, data apps and mobile apps.
    • Integrations – Integrate with a large list of tools including Pivotal, Java and BlazeMeter.


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