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Implementing Practical AI for your Support Team

Use Agent Time Wisely Many companies using Zendesk to support their customer service offerings are looking for ways to increase efficiency throughout their instance. How can we make it easier for agents to focus on the most unique and uncommon tickets? What is leading...

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Sophos Announces Endpoint Detection and Response

Intercept X - Now with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Earlier this fall Sophos announced that they were adding Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) to their Intercept X Advanced tool, which uses AI to create strong end to end endpoint protection. The addition...

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(Note: “Raster" images are also often referred to as “Bitmap” images. For the sake of this article, I’ll stick to calling them “Raster” files/images, but they’re often interchangeable)   FORGIVE US FOR FORGETTING Graphic designers often forget that not everyone knows...

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729 Solutions is one of the oldest custom development shops in the San Francisco Bay Area / Silicon Valley. Our team is made up of developers versed in every programming language from basic HTML and CSS to Java, Python and Ruby. We are project managers that can streamline the process, ensuring your project gets done quickly and within budget. We are designers who make you ‘look' good. We are proud of the projects we take on and the quality of work we provide.

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