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Are you sick and tired of using Salesforce products?

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120 Zendesk Implementations

15 years implementing and integrating software.

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Don’t just move it, improve it

CX consulting services so you don’t just replace software, but improve processes and workflows.

Improve efficiency and customer experience when you move to Zendesk.


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You’re Out of Time!

Final end of life date for was March 13, 2020. The product is no longer supported. It has been fully retired and is no longer available to customers.

You need to get your migration started right away

With sunsetting in a short time, there is no time to waste in getting your alternative solution in place.

You need a trusted migration partner

We make the migration easy and painless with a pre-built Desk to Zendesk migration tool to make the process easier/smoother. We can do one time migrations or staged/delta cutovers.

You need a better, more efficient experience

We start by looking at your workflows and finding ways to improve agent and customer experience and engagement. 729 will review your data and provide guidance on what needs to be moved over or stored.

729 Solutions can help.

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We’ve helped hundreds of businesses improve their customer success solutions, increase their efficiency, and reduce cost.

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729 can help you make the move

With 15 years of experience and over 120 Zendesk implementations under our belts, 729 can ensure your migration is a success and help you build an exceptional customer success experience.

Zendesk is simple, effective and user-friendly for customers and agents. 729 specializes in helping set it up right from the start.

As a Zendesk Master Partner, 729 can help you with any work needed to make the move. From the migration of all old data to the setting up of new and better CX workflows, let us help you make the most of Zendesk.

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Don’t just move it, improve it

Proper preparation is the key to successfully moving from one help desk to another.

  1. First, we will identify the data that is worth converting to avoid bringing unused or duplicate data.
  2. We’ll then review your content and structure ensuring the most important things are there.
  3. A mapping process is set up to translate data between the systems.
  4. A ‘delta’ migration is performed to thoroughly test the integrity of the migration before hitting “Go!” on the full migration.
  5. Testing. Testing. More testing.
  6. Launch!
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Time to market was incredible. I couldn’t be more pleased!

Sean Councellor - Recurly

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