Stop working in silos, bring sales and support together with Zendesk Duet


Think about all the important information your sales team learns and collects while they are delighting customers and about all the important information your support team learns and collects while supporting your customers. What if all of this info was accessible to both teams, and what if they could use that information back and forth to offer better customer experiences on both sides? That is where Zendesk Duet comes in, utilize both products in one package together.

Duet works to make sharing between these two teams seamless. Agents with a seat in Duet have the ability to look at both sell and support. Many times the tools used for sales are not the same as those for customer care, and it’s hard to share information in a way that is easy and all in one place. Zendesk Duet breaks down the walls and allows a stream of communication so all teams can see the customers journey from sales to support. Both teams have access the others customer interactions, analytics, and internal dialogue so they can work on creating a better overall customer journey. 

Sometimes in an organization it’s easy for teams to forget about what other departments are doing, and their goals and impacts on customer experiences. Ultimately this could give your customers a disjointed experience and possibly affect their interest in working with or buying from you again. Zendesk Duet allows your teams to work better together and encourages collaboration across departments ultimately creating a better experience for your clients. 


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