Best Practices for Implementing or Changing Your CX Support Solution

Watch 729's Customer Support Webinar to share in the experience of our 120 successful CX implementations.

Learn practical tips, real world challenges and techniques to improve your agent and customer experiences.

In this On-demand Webinar we will cover:

  • Migrating from your old tool - pitfalls, cut overs and how to evaluate your data
  • Workflows - should you replace or create new ones?
  • Agent Resourcing - the value of a knowledge base to quickly handle tickets
  • Agent groups - how to manage different teams in one tool
  • Integrations - best practices for wiring up all your tools
  • User experience - how to increase self serve without decreasing value
  • Workflow efficiency - how to learn and iterate quickly and get rid of those old excel spreadsheets!
  • Reporting and optimization - how to use data to make better business decisions and show stakeholders what they need to see

If you are thinking of switching CX tools, this will be an invaluable hour to avoid making some common mistakes and setting yourself up for success.

If you don’t have time to listen in, you can always take our do it yourself Workflow Efficiency test anytime HERE

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What our clients are saying regarding our Zendesk work

729 allowed us the flexibility to self-implement, but were with us every step of the way. They answered questions, brainstormed, provided solutions and best practices for anything we needed. They are personable, caring, and reliable. I would recommend working with them, and feel confident everyone would feel the same value we did.