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MSPs know that online security is mission-critical; but how do you know what security solutions your customers need as hosting evolves and make sure they are protected as they move to cloud hosting.

At 729 we evaluate software products every day. As a 15-year-old development shop and systems integrator, we know what good and bad software look like. After careful analysis of all the available tools, our security solution of choice is Sophos, offering bare metal and cloud-based security, focusing on tackling the complex problem with both clarity and confidence. What we like about the product is that Sophos prioritizes simple and reliable online security with a strategy that incorporates all aspects of a business’ technologies: networks, servers, devices, and interfaces. Sophos has made some serious investments in following the unique needs of applications running on public clouds that add enormous value to the native tools you can find on AWS or Azure. In that battle of balancing latency with protection, we think Sophos is winning the war.

Why is Sophos So Great for MSPs?

In their quest to keep security simple and reliable, Sophos has created Sophos Central where DevOps leads can monitor all of their security features across platforms and devices through a single and dashboard.

With all of the different security services offered by Sophos, it can be challenging to determine what each individual business might need. Instead of trying to figure out all the nuances of IT security on their own, 729 Solutions can help MSPs find and implement the right Sophos security solutions for their customers.

One of the features of their fully cloud-ready suite that we particularly like is Cloud Workload discovery. It allows your cloud hosting admin to find all the potentially unprotected resources living in your various cloud environments and maintain the kind of vigilant security protocols you are used to with a rack set up.

If you are an MSP who is being asked to help customers move to the cloud or maintain hybrid hosting configurations, then you will appreciate the intercept X suite. In our experience, it is the easiest single security solution to deploy for physical and cloud together. For example, their server lockdown feature allows you to whitelist applications so you expose your entire network and codebase to the minimum and can understand what surfaces could be attacked at any time.

This author has a preference for working smart in Security as the impacts on human time can be devastating in an attack regardless of the actual data breach. Sophos seems to be investing in this approach and has an AI component at play that runs a neural network looking for suspicious activity. Since the hackers are getting smarter- we might as well be paying for a tool that is too.

If your customers need security help in the cloud and you need the experience and skills to get it done right come talk to 729 about how best to protect your relationships and the businesses that trust you.

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