729 Solutions provides end to end services around Github

We help IT teams move onto the platform to best practices. For existing customers, we can optimize your development teams build and release processes. If you want to create a high-velocity development culture that creates and deploys quickly, contact 729 to make the most of GitHub.


Migrating​ data and code from legacy tools into GitHub

Transformation​ to Agile

Implementation​ of GitHub for multiple teams

Integration​ of GitHub with other tools

Manage​ cloud resources better with GitHub

Testing ​- Using Git for profiling and blocker free releases


“A better product for our users and a more predictable development process for us internally.”

Don Jones

Venture Deals

“I appreciated the open communication, engagement, and close collaboration.”

Sher Amos-Grosser

San Mateo 4C

“Your work and support are top-notch.”

Jillian Jamisen

Psychiatric Alternatives and Wellness Center

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GitHub Enterprise vs. GitHub.com

GitHub Enterprise vs. GitHub.com If you are ready to incorporate GitHub as a part of your workflow, then you should first understand why teams choose to go with Enterprise over working within the infrastructure on GitHub.com Collaboration is a key part of why people...

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8 Super Common GitHub Integrations

Integrations can help make your GitHub instance more efficient and keep your team even more connected. Here are eight super common integrations GitHub users have: CloudBees - helps build, test and deploy applications to production, utilizing continuous delivery...

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GitHub Community Values

GitHub works because it is based off the idea that sharing ideas and collaboration can make building code better. Open source is truly the way to do this and GitHub continues to expand and make their product better because of the sheer number of developers who have...

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729 Solutions is one of the oldest custom development shops in the San Francisco Bay Area / Silicon Valley. Our team is made up of developers versed in every programming language from basic HTML and CSS to Java, Python, and Ruby. We are project managers that can streamline the process, ensuring your project gets done quickly and within budget. We are designers who make you ‘look' good. We are proud of the projects we take on and the quality of work we provide.

We are engineering amazing technology every day.


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