As a certified systems integrations partner to New Relic, we can help you make the most of your monitoring tool to improve app, database and server performance. 729 can help you reduce bottlenecks, downtime and predict issues.

Migration to New Relic

Setting up a new monitoring tool? Moving from another system like Datadog or AppD? No matter what your need 729 can help you set things up right from the start.

If you have data and code on any other monitoring tool 729 can help you replace it with New Relic and set up matching charts and dashboards. As a certified New Relic partner, we will bring best practices from the start with industry-specific visualization.


Learn to ship better software, run smoother DevOps processes and handle scalable loads. 729 will review your entire stack from code to cloud and help you plan for the future

For complex environments we can consult on the best ways to organize your apps, hosting, infrastructure and alerting. We can do a deep assessment to make sure you are watching the right metrics and learning about the problems you might face before they happen.

Migrations to the Cloud

Lower your risk and increase the speed of your cloud migration with well planned and executed plan and execution using New Relic.

The low performance, increased risk and higher cost of traditional server-based applications and databases are making everyone move to the cloud. New Relic is an excellent steering wheel for these migrations. As the team that is supporting Expedia’s move to AWS, we can help you use New Relic to plan, migrate and run your migrations safely and efficiently. Learn about performance baselines, dependencies and make your migration a success

Configuration and Instrumentation

729 can help you set up New Relic so you are set up for success.

The best way to get key insights about your development and infrastructure performance is to customize it right for your business.

  • Collect the right custom attributes
  • Set up your KPIs
  • Learn about user behavior
  • Watch your business through your tech stack
  • Watch for performance issues
  • Find bottlenecks and improve efficiency


729 can connect New Relic with any other development or DevOps tool so everything in your pipeline works seamlessly together.

729 Solutions has helped hundreds of customers wire up all their key SaaS tools with quality integrations. We can help you make New Relic a core part of growing your technology business and connect to any other API driven tool including escalations, reporting, alerts tools. As a certified Systems Integrator to New Relic, we will move the right data and build stable performant integrations.


729 can teach you how to create industry and business unit specific charts and dashboards to track KPIs and also train your technical team the right way to implement and engage with the entire New Relic toolset.


“729 helped us set up our own team in terms of on-boarding various systems and helping them understand the code. Really good at trying to simplify things and explaining and making it really clear to a non-developer.”

Sreedhar Reddy


“Overall, my experience with 729 has been very, very positive.”

Noopur Shankar

Optimal Strategies

“We knew that we never had to scramble or panic because you guys were with us.”

Daniel Davis



Reach out today. We’ll respond within 24 hours, and can scope your project within 3 days.

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