Looking to Beef Up Your Home Web Security?

Home Web Security

If you are looking to improve your home web security, Sophos Home offers great security protections of their business tools for individuals and families, meaning you can get the same real-time protection from the latest ransomware, malicious software, and hacking attempts for all your home internet and computer systems.

Home Web Security Through Sophos

Security – The real-time protection services that Sophos Home offers are on par with Sophos Intercept X. You are getting the same level of protection at home as the leading tech companies, governments, and banks around the world.

Ransomware – Sophos Home is fast-acting on ransomware attacks! These attacks are detected while they in progress, then they are blocked and your files are immediately put back to an unencrypted state.

Clean Up – Once installed, Sophos Home executes a deep scan and clean of your computer to find and eliminate malware and useless applications that may be slowing things down or posing a security threat.

Secure Multiple Computers – Whether you use Mac or PC, or your family lives in the same house or all across the world, manage computer security for anyone you want.

Privacy Protection – Cybercriminals can gain access to your cameras and microphones at any time, that’s why Sophos Home alerts you when an outside source attempts to access your webcam or microphone, giving you the ability to stop the incursion in its tracks.

Banking Protection – Sophos Home also works to keep your credit card and bank information from being stolen by third-parties and surveillance tech like key-logger software.

Web Filtering – Malicious websites are known to contain viruses or malware. You can automatically block these as well as other websites and content from your family based on categories within Sophos Home. You can even get reports on attempted visits to restricted websites.

As you can see, Sophos is a leader in home web security because it draws heavily from its other security tools designed for companies that need very comprehensive solutions. So if you are ready to take your home web security to the same level as the biggest tech giants, then it’s time to take a tour of Sophos Home!

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