Sophos Network Products Overview

Sophos Network Products

Sophos is one of the leading technology security companies working today, so it is no wonder they have a wide range of products to accommodate the very different and nuanced needs of different companies around the world. Sophos Network products focus on securing networks through firewall protections and advanced threat prevention software.

Network Products Overview

XG Firewall

XG Firewall provides visibility into your network unlike anything else out there, including users and apps, right from one dashboard control center. XG Firewall can be applied across many different firewalls and supports centralized reporting for all firewalls so no potential threat is ever missed. The dashboard also monitors and beautifully displays threats and risks, user traffic, system status, firewall rules, reports, and messages.


is a threat prevention software, utilizing artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning, that detects both known and unknown malware. This product helps detect threats before they enter your network, displaying everything on an easy to use dashboard with all needs right at your fingertips. This software is ready to protect everything in your network including email, web server, network, wireless and web protection.

Secure Wi-fi

Sophos provides their own Secure Wi-fi that can be utilized on its own or coupled with their other products. Their wi-fi networks can automatically detect issues, monitoring, and acting fast against potential risks to your network. It is easy to set up and maintain, so if you are already using other Sophos products you can manage wi-fi within your Sophos central portfolio.

Secure Web Gateway

The Sophos Secure Web Gateway is aimed at providing some of the most advanced network protection available, providing web malware protection, live web protection and threat intelligence. It uses Sophos Sandstorm, which helps detect, block, and respond to threats using powerful cloud-based sandbox technology. These protections don’t just protect your office, they can also extend to anyone within your network even if they are offsite.

If your company is ready to take its network security up a notch Sophos is a great place to get basic needs met as well as have tools to support future growth as your security needs change.

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