729 Solutions has been implementing best of breed software for 15 years so we know how to run a well-managed project. We will give you real-time visibility into everything we do. We can scope your project within 3 days, provide an estimate within a week, and start work as soon as the contract is complete.


You can expect to have at least a weekly call with a Project Manager to help you run the process smoothly.

We use Slack, Teams, Asana, or any other tool of your choice for regular communication and team sharing.

No Dependency

729’s philosophy is always to train our customers on how to do everything themselves. We want to set you up for success which means your team being able to manage your tools and software proficiently. We will train you in any custom workflows we create so you don’t need to call us to make small changes.

Control of Time and Budget

As a customer, you will have total control of budget and priorities. Every week you will be able to set goals and tasks and change them at any time. You can set caps on hours so there is no wasted effort. We only work by the hour and charge only to the 15-minute increment so you know you are getting exactly what you paid for.

Always there for you

We believe we should always be a partner – not just a vendor. You will have access to our full team of experts and resources at any time you need for recommendations and advice on best practices.


You will get a weekly report with time and effort spent, jobs worked on, and any suggestions for improving speed and efficiency.


“It’s clear 729 values the relationship, and in doing so, earned our trust.”

Sher Amos-Grosser

San Mateo 4C

“I can’t recommend them highly enough – they’ve saved years of stress and frustration from my life, and I’m so relieved to know that whenever we have issues come up, they’ll be here!”

Deeanne Akerson

Kindred Bravely

“If there were any transparency issues or concerns about how time was spent or billing I don’t think we would have such a long relationship.”

Srredhar Reddy



Reach out today. We’ll respond within 24 hours, and can scope your project within 3 days.

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729 Solutions is one of the oldest custom development shops in the San Francisco Bay Area / Silicon Valley. Our team is made up of developers versed in every programming language from basic HTML and CSS to Java, Python, and Ruby. We are project managers that can streamline the process, ensuring your project gets done quickly and within budget. We are designers who make you ‘look' good. We are proud of the projects we take on and the quality of work we provide.

We are engineering amazing technology every day.


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