One of the best products Zendesk offers is Guide. It adds a level of support to your team and to your customer base by giving helpful information that empowers customers and eases agents’ workloads. You can read all about basic Zendesk Guide branding in our blog post from last year here. What if simple color changes and logo additions just don’t seem like enough for your company? How do you decide how much effort to put into your guide,  whether working out of the box will keep up with your needs, or if having your guide customized is the right choice? 

Pros and Cons to Guide Customization

We know people today want to be able to get answers without having to interact with your customer support team, and, if you have a large client base, you know that having a well thought-out and well organized help center can really make a difference for everyone. It makes sense then to seriously consider designing a one-of-a-kind custom Zendesk Guide rather then just using the out-of-the-box version.  


  • Strong brand consistency
    You can use design to create a much more streamlined and seamless experience for your customers as they move through your online environments. 
  • A unique experience that they can only get from your company
    You can customize what your customers see first, the flow they follow when they enter your guide, and the way they search.
  • Greater functionality
    You can add the option of more functionality than is offered out-of-the-box.
  • Take work off your agents’ plates
    You can give easy to find info on the most sought after questions so your agents can focus on the most important tickets.


  • You can’t get started and up and running as quickly 
  • It will cost time or money resources 


729Solution’s team of Designers and Zendesk Administrators are ready to support the process of creating the perfect Guide.

One of the many ways that 729Solutions can help create the Zendesk you are looking for is by having us design a custom Guide experience for your company. We can help bring your branding vision across or we can start a design from scratch, as well as offer guidance in how to set up articles, sections, and categories to best meet the needs of your team and your clientele. 


Not sure what the next step is for your Zendesk instance? Download our Zendesk efficiency checklist to see where 729solutions can help make a difference!

Download Zendesk Efficiency Checklist


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