Our Programs


A large public utility had a large public problem. Its new smart electric meters, installed across three million accounts, were transmitting four streams of data apiece once every fifteen seconds. Read more



Rally.org is one of the largest fund raising sites on the web. They had to tune their platform in short order for the 2012 presidential election between Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney. We helped them scale their application in the face of extremely dynamic traffic. We worked on essential features to help them appeal to new users and collect funds.



One of the internet’s largest domain name providers wanted to expand their offering. 729 Solutions helped Namecheap build an API driven marketplace to provide their customers with a wide variety of tools from channel partners to get their sites up and running quickly. Read more

Our Responsive Websites

Ultimate RB / Floor Builder

Ultimate RB makes specialty floorings. They faced a unique challenge 729 was hired to solve. How do you let customers change and design their flooring patterns and colors in real time with different grains, percentages, and applications? 729 wrangled a solution using a back end CPU that could do the complex math in the background and present a seamless user front end experience. Simple victories make our developer team smile.


Aqua Spring

Aqua springs wanted a fast, responsive Website that would help them showcase both their hardware and services. Their site needed to be modern, clean, and differentiate their products with clear images that resonated with their corporate customers. We set to work building a site that covered all their different functionality of installation, repair, testing, and leasing. This Los Angeles water company was delighted with their result.


The Honest Bison

For the Honest Bison,729 created a photo-experiential site that forges a new image of free-range, grass-fed bison meat as a healthful, ethical and gourmet choice.
We took beautiful images of the raw and prepared meat and created magazine-quality layouts for key paleo recipes. We even spent a week in Wisconsin at the ranch to ensure we’d captured the essence of the animals, their caretakers and their environment-to stunning effect. The finished website connects with customers on an emotional level and captures the elegant and striking feel the client wanted.



Alta Food Craft wanted to build a website that would show off their exceptional office kitchen equipment. 729 was hired to come up with the branding concept and execute a responsive, mobile friendly, and visually engaging site. We worked with Alta to make a site that exceeded their expectations and drove high customer engagement and conversion. After 3 years we continue to work with them to iterate their site with new features and design and continuously improve.