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These days every company needs to integrate with other technologies. Your product has to play nicely with your customers and third party solutions. Unfortunately, there are innumerable platforms, database structures, APIs, SDKs and stacks. 729 Solutions offers the deep experience of working with clients over 13 years to help your program talk to any technology out there.

Integrations for your customers

So you have an exciting, fast growing product that your customers love. But you are constantly being asked to build this little widget, that little piece of code, make a small update, changes or a thousand other requests. Soon you become your customer’s development shop and lose your laser focused on your own roadmap. We see this story over and again. This is where 729 Solutions comes to the rescue. We provide the much needed manpower to execute all the outside integrations so you can sell your product better, partner with more services and tools and give your customers everything they need. Remember You are the product company. We are the custom development shop!

Integrating your product with others

So you want to play with that big ugly .Net SDK? Or you’d like to find a way to plug in to Slack, Uber or some other hot new tool. But you don’ have the developers or folks who know all the languages needed. 729 can help your core product connect to almost any program. We can mitigate risk by engineering middleware or wrappers that make sure your code base is both protected and efficiently connected with the data and processing you need.

Building APIs

We can help you scope, design and build a leading edge API that quickly and scalably receives and distributes the right data. We can help document your API so internal and external developers can quickly connect to your end points and create value and partnership. We architect APIs that protect your core code and scale beautifully.

Some of the typical integrations we work on:

How does partnership work?

When a customer next asks you to do a development project that you can’t or don’t want to do simply contact us and bring us in as the programming resource. We work hand and hand with you and your customer to engineer the best solution. You can even make a mark up on our work as we charge a base fee and you can bill your customer directly. 729 makes sure the work is done to your satisfaction and aligns with your code and product roadmap. We give the customer our rich expertise, and quality code at high velocity.

So who is 729 Solutions and can we trust you?

As the oldest Agile development company in the Bay Area we have a long and well vetted track record of excellent. We have worked for Fortune 50 companies and startups alike in our 13 year history and we are know for our high velocity programming as well as having an extremely tight Agile process. We teach agile in San Francisco and help some of the fastest growing companies improve their process. Talk to us today about our experience, customers and capabilities and you will see why we are the best shop to partner with.

Some of the customers we have done integrations for:

Built a scalable portal that pulled information for a variety of news feed services of different types and formats as well as integrating with live video feeds from the NFL.

Built a high performance integration with a geolocation service.

Integrated multiple, disparate, legacy systems for a major utility through a service oriented architecture to allow a single, public facing, system to supply electric and gas usage data to consumer, commercial and industrial customers in near real time.

Associated & Alta
Integrated a custom, scalable, CRM/ERP solution with their legacy, home grown, inventory management system that lives on site in their warehouse.

Helped them integrate a poorly designed node.js->SQL Server wrapper API. Two things that do not work and play well together.

Created a unified interface for a distributed team to help them manage workflow that required synchronization of data between their internal data sources, NetSuite and Salesforce.

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