729 Solutions – Who We Are

We are a full-spectrum technology consulting agency, with complete design and development capabilities. We are software engineers, developers, designers, project managers, and outside-of-the-box thinkers. We are leaders in the world of software development, design, and implementation. A one-stop-shop, you might say, and proud of it.

About 729 Solutions

Our History

729 Solutions has grown from their start as a software development shop, to a prominent full-service technology consulting agency. The founders met in the digital agency world at the end of the 1990s, surviving the bursting tech bubble with the conviction that the tech world would recover. Focusing on finding exceptional people with rich skill sets, they grew their team and made the shift from a boutique software development shop to multi-faceted, international, technology consulting agency.

As our team grew, so grew our need to maintain control, quality and manage projects with precision.

We needed to deliver

  • Excellent front end design and user experience
  • Scalable backend server, database and programmatic solutions
  • Top-notch design, with integrated UI/UX
  • Tailored marketing solutions.

729 became a strict Agile shop using Pivotal Tracker to prioritize, forecast, monitor and deliver complex technology solutions. Our Velocity Based Agile process has been perfected over hundreds of projects with everything from Fortune 500 to small and medium sized companies alike.

Who we are

We are problem solvers.

We think outside the box.

We’re based in San Francisco, but our hearts beat with more of a mid-west mentality.

We are software engineers, developers, designers, project managers, writers, marketers, and most importantly – human beings.

We are leaders in the world of software development, design, and implementation.

We are a one-stop-shop, you might say, and proud of it.

We are 729 Solutions – and we make awesome happen through caffeine and technology. If you can think of it … we can do it.

What we do

We take your ideas and make them a reality.

From inception through completion and beyond, our project managers will guide your project with coordination and communication so that none of the pieces fall through the cracks.

We provide solutions and make them work efficiently.

Our departments


With specialties ranging from complex systems architecture, software development, implementations, and integrations, we can accomplish your App Engineering & Development, Website Development, API Connections, and Custom Agile needs. Our technology consulting team will help you get the results you need. Whether it’s a massive infrastructure with multiple integrations and intense functionality, or a simple, straightforward single-page website – we’ve got you covered.

Maintenance & Operations

The fun doesn’t stop when the project goes live. We offer post-project support such as hosting, scheduled maintenance and updates to the front and back-end systems, and monitoring to ensure your project is up and running continuously. Or, if your in-house team wants to take over from here, we can provide guidance and recommendations on making that transition as seamless as possible.

Partner Services

3rd party services like Zendesk, NewRelic, and AWS are meant to simplify your life – but things often get worse before they get better. “Insert 729 Solutions here”. We help take the pain out of integrations, customization, and setup for products like Zendesk, NewRelic, and AWS by performing consultations, health-checks, and migrations. Reach out and let’s see if we can help simplify your processes today.


Our developers make it work, our designers make it look good. It’s not just about fonts and colors – we study how your users will interact with the product and design around them. The result is a product that is functional not only on the back end but at the point of customer ingestion as well. Let us take your Responsive Websites, App Designs, UI/UX needs, Presentations, Interactive Demos, Brand Systems, Logos, and Corporate Identity to a new level. And yes, it’s all under one roof!

Our Awesome Team

Adrian Romero
Adrian RomeroDeveloper

Full-stack developer & computer scientist who studies philosophy, loves playing soccer, & prefers spaces over tabs.

Alejo Moreira
Alejo MoreiraDeveloper

PHP-focused developer who is an environmental activist and is passionate about travel.

Arlo Hitzemann
Arlo HitzemannDesign & Front End Development

Designs packaging & products, print & digital collateral. In my spare time, I like to burn stuff...on my laser cutter.

Brandon Tidd
Brandon TiddSolutions Architect

Zendesk Guru and CX Champion. Part Time DJ. Lover of Life (and Cats).

Bruno Nesi
Bruno NesiSenior Developer

Senior developer in .Net technology who loves eating meat (but will not eat anything that has breathed water).

Cesar Cortes
Cesar CortesDeveloper

Full stack developer - object-oriented addict and a TDD lover who loves playing soccer, cooking, and photography.

Chris Molinas
Chris MolinasMonitoring Solutions Engineer

Supporting New Relic - lots of IT experience. San Francisco Bay Area native who couldn't handle the humidity of Florida - missed his family, friends, and hometown.

Chuck Fitzpatrick
Chuck FitzpatrickDirector of Process & Project Management

He takes great pride in bridging the gap between business and technical people, because he speaks both languages fluently.

Dana Sharp Woodrick
Dana Sharp WoodrickAdministrative Support

Provides valuable administrative support - enjoys wrapping presents more than opening them, and got married on a leap day!

Fernando Lopez
Fernando LopezSolutions Consultant

A Zendesk Administrator supporting clients everyday! Also a front end developer who used to be a DJ, and loves surfing.

Ignacio Canovi
Ignacio CanoviVP of Technology

Systems engineer who used to (and sometimes still does!) play the guitar for obscure heavy metal bands.

James Loren
James LorenStudios Director

Former web developer and PM with nearly 20 years of experience. He’s a paranormal enthusiast, recovering ultra runner, and proud papa.

Javier Nomeisky
Javier NomeiskySenior Developer

Software Engineer involved in functional analysis who enjoys traveling, scuba diving, soccer, tennis & playing the piano.

Jeannie Stattenfield
Jeannie StattenfieldUI/UX Architect

Designs intuitive interfaces and has a good, healthy fear of flying after working on aviation safety at NASA.

Julio Estrada
Julio EstradaSoftware Developer & Designer

He builds and designs software that works and looks great. He loves old school music of all kinds and says gif with a soft g.

Luis Falciola
Luis FalciolaSenior Developer

Providing software development and architecture design, enjoys traveling, nature, trekking, sports, music and science.

Manish Kumar
Manish KumarZendesk Developer

Zendesk Developer who loves music, singing in the shower, traveling, and being vegetarian.

Melony Smith
Melony SmithFront End Developer & Designer

Loves learning new things, heavy metal music & professional wrestling since the early 80s!

Michael Gray
Michael GraySolution Delivery Manager

A problem solver with over 19 years of IT solution delivery expertise. Firm believer proactive measures far outweigh pain of reactive approach. Proud dad of a beautiful daughter and is known to be called a master on the BBQ!

Neil Horowski
Neil HorowskiSenior Sales Associate

Focus on account management, cruises the streets on his 1997 (read: Classic) Honda scooter, and is an amazing cook.

Rachel Cox
Rachel CoxProject Manager

Rockstar at all things Project Management and proud owner of a rescue dog!

Randy Chang
Randy ChangFounder & CFO

A founder of 729, his first “real” job was making artificial limbs for amputees. His favorite color is infrared.

Rob Fife
Rob FifeFounder, CEO, & CTO

A founder of 729, Rob is terrified of spiders & heights but not gunfire & explosions. Also 1 of only 6 tech people native to San Francisco.

Rob Tapia
Rob TapiaVice President of Operations

Ensures projects are completed successfully. A performing musician who has been part of many Bay Area thrash metal bands.

Rodrigo Pelorosso
Rodrigo PelorossoDeveloper

Jumps between web development and mobile app programming. He enjoys biking and is learning to play the piano.

Tomás Waldbaum
Tomás WaldbaumBusiness System Analyst

A true internet enthusiast who has been engaged in various digital adventures since childhood. He is also a melomaniac, coffee-lover and Alma's father.

Valeria Losoviz
Valeria LosovizDesigner

A science fiction lover and author who hopes to one day be published, she creates beautiful designs.

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