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Application software developers, software creators, designers, UI/UX experts...

Software Developers

We’re our clients’ unfair advantage

“729’s communication is better than anything I’ve experienced with other developers.”

Caring about our customers isn’t optional

Our founder hated working in cutthroat, impersonal cultures, and wanted to start a small, intimate company where everyone cared about their customers and each other and worked hard to build really cool things. So...he did.

We still believe in what motivated him to start 729: we should work to live, not live to work. We can be creative and serious and quirky all at the same time.

And we can be experts at what we do, so our clients win again and again.

What We Do

Software Development

Digital products that people love

Professional Services

Increasing efficiency for any system in your business


User experiences that tell your brand's story

Maintenance & Operations

Prevent systems failures that can cripple businesses

Every company...

...starts with a problem to solve

Ours was simple: we disagreed with the way a lot of projects were run at the time- bloated budgets and timelines, unclear communication, and ultimately, sub-par products or solutions.

Projects done on time and on budget

Could we do it better?

When the client doesn’t know what they don’t know…it’s easy for consultancies to sell them things they don’t need and churn out products or solutions that really don’t address the problems that the client came to them with.

Or worse, they can promise a solution, get halfway there after burning through the budget, and then leave the client hanging.

We started 729 to come up with an alternative.

How? By creating a radical velocity-based agile framework, guiding clients past common pitfalls, and constantly growing and learning.

We’re able to complete higher-quality, better-performing projects on time and on budget… so yes, we CAN do it better.

We help you have a disruption-proof business

That's why we keep you informed and engaged all the way through your project.

We created our Integrated Quality (IQ) framework to help us deliver higher-quality, better-performing projects on time and on budget.

Our Values

We believe that creating business solutions should be easy and fun, even when it's challenging.
It should leave you happy and excited, your project on budget and on time.
And it should leave you with a better product than you ever thought possible.


We guide you past pitfalls with our experience, adaptable process, and support.


We build honest, strong relationships so we can be helpful and ride out bumps in the road together.


Your success is our success, so we make customizing your project and working with us really easy. And we have some fun while we’re at it.


Whenever, wherever, and however you need us—we’re working hard for you in relevant ways and for the long haul.


We balance creativity with feasibility- we’re hopeful, confident, flexible, and open to new ideas.

Imagine Your Next Project…

What will it mean to you:

  • To have it done by a development company of reliable experts?
  • To have it finished on time and on budget?
  • To have it perform better than you thought possible?

Because that’s what you get when you work with us. Reach out today.