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The 729 Solutions Blog is a place for us to showcase our unique approach to engineering, our awesome partnerships with other companies and the voices of our growing team. 

14 Problems Your Website May Contain

There are many things that can go wrong on your website, but these are the issues we see on a regular basis. Take a look at this simple list to see if your website is in violation of any of these potential pitfalls (In no particular order).   #1 - Fonts Too Small If...

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Zendesk to Remove Apps Framework v1

Did you know that Zendesk is making some changes to their Apps Framework?    Starting October 14th, 2019 Zendesk will no longer support apps that were built with Zendesk Apps framework version 1. These apps will no longer function!  This means that until October 14th,...

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The Steps to Creating Your Perfect Logo

When the time comes for a new logo there are a series of steps we take to ensure we created the logo you love, quickly.  Lets take a quick look at the specific steps we take with our clients, going from ‘logo request’ to ‘logo completion’.   Step 1. We ask A LOT of...

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Introducing Zendesk Duet!

Stop working in silos, bring sales and support together with Zendesk Duet   Think about all the important information your sales team learns and collects while they are delighting customers and about all the important information your support team learns and collects...

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Zendesk Sunshine – A New Way to CRM

What has your CRM done for you lately?  CRM’s tend to be a bit clunky. Sometimes they are hard to learn and use and that is awfully frustrating when you are trying to offer effective marketing, sales, and customer service. It can feel like you are a bit lost in the...

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The difference between ‘Brand’ and ‘Logo Design’

As a designer, I often run into people that confuse the concepts of ‘logo design’ and ‘brand design’. Usually it’s pretty clear what the client is actually talking about, despite misusing the terms, but let’s take a sec to explain the difference.   Logo Design Let’s...

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Get Developing Quickly with AWS CodeStar

Have you been looking for a way to very quickly spin-up development and build and deploy applications? Or are you looking for a way to bring multiple tools into one single place? AWS CodeStar could be the solution of your dreams! CodeStar works by giving engineers a...

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Zendesk welcomes Smooch to the Family

Smooch Messaging Messaging is the preferred form of communication for more than half of people out there, and more and more individuals prefer to chat with businesses as if they were just sending a text to a friend. The challenge for companies is offering a smooth and...

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A Good Sales Team is a Client’s Best Friend

Your Sales Team is the First Chance to Make a Difference on a Project In the Development and Professional Services universe, where we at 729solutions spend most of our time, clients often reach out with a problem we’ve never seen before. It requires the work of our...

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729Solutions Employee Spotlight: Bob Tait

Designer Bob Tait  We continue to try to showcase our awesome team of creative thinkers here at 729Solutions. This time Allegra chats with designer Bob Tait about his band Bag of Toys, good beer, and living in Wilmington, NC.   Allegra: Can you start with a brief...

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