New Relic Cloud Adoption

Cloud Adoption There are many upsides to moving your business into the cloud. Adopting a cloud infrastructure can make storage and backups easier, improve security, reduce costs and help your team collaborate; all faster and smoother than before cloud adoption was a...

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The Importance Of Good Design And UI/UX

Many-a-good website and app have been ruined because the time was not taken to ensure the end product was easy to use and beautiful by incorporating good design and UI/UX   These costly mistakes could have been avoided by simply allowing a designer or design team to...

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Understanding Zendesk Talk

A phone call can be an impressive way to reach your customers, especially as people get more and more comfortable interacting through digital platforms. Just think how much easier and faster it might be for your Zendesk agents to deal with certain types of customer...

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New Relic Cloud Integrations

At the beginning of 2018 New Relic has announced new cloud integrations. If you are using cloud based software and integrations these updates could be the key to your success and it probably about time to incorporate them. These integrations for Google Cloud Platform,...

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Gaming Tech In 2018

Some of the biggest advancements in technology happen thanks to our obsession with gaming and our desire as humans to make games more realistic, interactive and hopefully more fun. Figuring out this gaming tech is important for more than just gaming since many of...

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Whats New At GitHub

Introducing GitHub Premium Plus!   GitHub prides itself on the level of support that they offer their community, no matter if you are with a team or use GitHub independently. To continue to offer this support and recognize that some people and teams want a large...

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The Women Leading Tech 3

This post wraps up our three-series posts about Women Leading Tech, showcasing the major financial, management and technological contributions they have made to a mostly male dominated industry. 729 Solutions wants to see this industry become even more diverse so we...

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Reviewing Ticket History In Zendesk

If you want to see the complete history of a ticket in Zendesk, start by looking at the ticket events. Ticket events shows every single update or change made to the ticket, including when properties are added, changed or removed and whether those changes were made by...

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