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The 729 Solutions Blog is a place for us to showcase our unique approach to engineering, our awesome partnerships with other companies and the voices of our growing team. 

New Relic Plays Well with Others

Already using a well-known platform for development? Get better insights and understanding with New Relic Technology Solutions! New Relic has many offerings that make it a great choice to support your development projects. One of the things that makes New Relic such a...

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The Acclaro Zendesk Translation Integration

Providing Multilingual Support Content is Becoming a Business Must One of the top concerns of companies with a global presence or those that are looking to expand into other markets is the ability to communicate with their customers in their native languages. Take the...

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Workforce Management with Tymeshift

An Easy Way for Teams to Track Their Agents’ Success & Find Coaching Opportunities If you use Zendesk, you are probably aware that one of its biggest perks is scalability. It’s perfect for teams of all sizes, from 3 people to thousands, and can handle rapid growth...

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What’s the Big Deal About Responsive Websites?

Have you ever browsed a website on your phone and realized the text was too small to read without zooming in? You end up having to pinch in and pan back and forth across the screen to read each line? Of course you have. It’s a pain for the user and a nightmare for the...

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