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3D Printer Makers

3D printing is becoming a very popular hobby as prices for printers have become much more varied, which has made them more accessible to more people. There are also many many websites, blogs and YouTube Channels, that cater to all aspects of 3D printing, some of them...

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Velocity Based Agile in the Wild: Two Case Studies

If Velocity Based Agile is all about success, what does success look like? Here are two examples of how 729 Solutions used Velocity Based Agile to achieve customer happiness. Case Study #1 Client: Larvol Business Scenario: Give the client clear insight into short term...

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How 3D Printing Works

In 3D printing you take a model and you use what's called a slicer; this slicer takes the software and turns it into what's called G-code. That G-code is the instructions for the 3D printer (or for a CNC machine or for a laser cutter... etc, they all work on the same...

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