One of the internet’s largest domain name providers wanted to expand their offering. 729 Solutions helped Namecheap build an API driven marketplace to provide their customers with a wide variety of tools from channel partners to get their sites up and running quickly.

729 Solutions helped them scale their application in the face of extremely dynamic traffic. We worked on essential features. help them appeal to new users end collect funds.

A large public utility had a large public problem. Its new smart electric meters, installed across three million accounts, were transmitting four streams of data apiece once every fifteen seconds.


Alta Foodcraft

Alta Foodcraft wanted to build a website that would show off their exceptional kitchen equipment. 729 worked with them to come up with branding concept and launched a responsive, mobile friendly, and visually engaging site.

Aqua Spring

Los Angeles based water company Aqua Spring wanted a fast, responsive website that would help them showcase both their hardware and services, while also generating new leads. 729 built a site that covered all their different functionalities of installation, repair, testing, and leasing, that also allowed for easy lead generation and capture.

Centric Learning

Online education company Centric Learning needed a complete design overhaul of their “HERO Learning System” in order to improve user experience on all platforms and devices. 729 provided responsive templates for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices that Centric Learning’s development team could implement.

Honest Bison

Honest Bison provides free-range, grass-fed bison meat that is a healthy, ethical and gourmet choice. 729 developed a fresh brand that is visually striking to connect with customers on an emotional level. 729 also created a WordPress eCommerce site that allowed customers to easily order Honest Bison products online.

Ultimate RB

Ultimate RB makes speciality flooring, and needed a website that would allow customers to create, design and change their flooring patterns and colors in real time. 729 created a back-end CPU that handled the complex math behind the scenes, which gave the front-end users a clean and seamless experience.


“Always very communicative and responded promptly.”

Noopur Shankar

Optimal Strategies

“We are thrilled, and you bet I will be recommending 729S olutions to anyone else needing help. Really, I couldn’t be happier. I think everyone needs 729 Solutions on speed dial.”

Deeanne Akerson

Kindred Bravely

“We are very satisfied by the work done by the team.”

Sreedhar Reddy


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