Company History


Founded in 2003, 729 Solutions has grown from their start as a software development shop, to a prominent full-service technology consulting agency. The founders first met in the digital agency world at the end of the 1990s, and knew that they wanted to create a new model for technology consulting and implementation work. They survived the bursting tech bubble of the early 2000s and launched 729 Solutions in 2003.

729 Logo from 2003

Their vision for a new world of technology consulting relied on finding exceptional people with rich skill sets who could grow the business overtime. What started as a boutique software development shop has now become a multi-faceted and international technology consulting agency, with hundreds of successful projects under their belt.

729 Logo One from 2014729 Logo Two from 2014

Today, 729 Solutions has an international team who works on projects of all sizes across a variety of platforms and services. Their projects have rock-solid backends that are secure and stable, and eye-popping front ends with amazing designs and smooth UI/UX.

729 Logo