It's Official

Support for Magento v1 version ended as of June 2020!

729 can help you make the move quickly.

Support for ALL Magento 1 versions in all their forms — Community, Open Source, Enterprise and Commerce — ended as of June 2020!

You're out of time!

Unfortunately Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration is a complex project and takes effective planning and quality implementation.

So if your online store is running on Magento 1 it’s time to prepare for Magento 2 migration right now.

729 Can Help You:

  • Just migrate your basic site quickly
  • Update design and user workflows- it’s a great time to make your site better!
  • Make sure your ecommerce integrations, connectors and apps still work in Magento 2 (Magento 2 has a different API from version 1)
  • Implement monitoring systems if needed.
  • Help you go live and test your site for performance

How does it work?

Step 1 - Audit your current Magento site including selecting the right Magento version to move to and investigating your current custom code and connectors.

Step 2 - Evaluate Design and Development needs to move to Magento 2

Step 3 - 729 will provide you a time and price quote

Step 4 - Begin work and execute on migration ASAP!

Learn how we helped SFMOMA migrate to Magento 2

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What clients are saying about us

Thanks for all your hard work on the M2 migration… The webstore ran SUPER fast on our busiest day ever!