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We’re a Shopify Plus partner and can take on your entire project, end-to-end, or just horsepower your team with special skills.

Design. Development. Project management. Release. Success.

Custom Themes

Shopify is an exceptional product, and becomes even more powerful and appealing to your customers when your brand look, feel and voice shine through.

We can help you customize an existing theme or build an exclusive one just for you.

Unique Applications

Many brands have special workflows, shopping experiences, unique business models, or feature sets that don’t come out of the box.

We’ll help your brand create the additional functionality you need to grow, manage your back end, and connect with your consumers.

729 plus Gadget = Faster, scalable custom apps

We’ve partnered with the fastest growing Shopify app-building platform, to help build more reliable, high- quality apps faster, without a server, so you can scale your app in no time

Talk to us about how Gadget can help you rapidly build and host your needs at a fraction of the cost.

Systems Integrations

For nearly a decade we’ve been connecting business tools. We do this for over 30 leading SaaS partners and we specialize in making Shopify work with any of your other software.

From on-prem legacy tools to the newest API driven integrations, no one knows more than 729 about making your business more efficient by wiring up all your tools and making sure data flows accurately.

Featured Shopify Plus Projects

Dish Networks

For Dish Networks, we integrated Shopify, Recurly and Vertex.

The new platform allows customers to buy from an extensive catalog of physical smart home based products and self schedule installations.

There is complex payment functionality for combining products in the cart, deals and ways to work with a service technician.

We worked hand in hand with the Dish development team on extremely short timelines to release.


For Beachbody, we built a custom e-commerce experience for their new line of subscription products.

This was built to be a highly scalable, one-time, and subscription-based sales platform. And it worked- 30,000 new members signed up in the first month!

We provided project guidance, deep technical knowledge and execution of a new custom shopify plus theme and subscription product.

Imagine Your Shopify Project...

What will it mean to you:

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  • To have it finished on time and on budget?
  • To have it perform better than you thought possible?

Because that’s what you get when you work with us. Reach out today. If there’s a way, 729 can do it.