tech­nology audits

729 Solutions offers comprehensive technology audit reports for brokers, valuers, agents, buyers and sellers that do deep code dives, review development process and evaluate best practices in testing, security, and scalability.

how does it work?

729 works as an independent third party to help the sale transact with certainty. We work with buyers, sellers and brokers to help place a meaningful value on any code used by the business. We can be engaged directly by the broker as a referral or white labelled.

Reports typically take 2-4 weeks and can be done 100% remotely. 729 will provide a detailed report that helps all parties fairly value the deal.

We work with buyer or seller to understand what they need from the report. We can evaluate risks, resource alignment, costs to modernize or integrate with new technologies. We can report on how the code is architected and look at database and server/hosting issues as needed.

our professional audits give you insights into:

  • Scalability risks and issues
  • Server and operations evaluation
  • Database architecture analysis
  • Languages and platform challenges
  • Integrations and third party software dependenc
  • Project Management and iteration practices
  • Development velocity and team competency

frequently asked questions

It is not enough to know there are problems. The real value is in knowing how much it will cost to fix the issues in time and cost. If 729 finds anything that affects the investment we prepare a detailed analysis of the effort needed to do any repair work including number of resources, time to delivery and price. We offer the investor a granular report of all the upgrades, code changes, and refactoring to get the technology to where it should be.

729 Solutions acts as an independent third party. We operate under NDA with the seller so there is no risk to showing their code base to us. We do not reveal the contents of the code but rather do an impartial evaluation of its challenges and qualities. This offers a way for the buyer to have the most detailed look inside the program without any legal or professional risks.

Typically it takes 1-2 weeks to complete the consultation and contract phase with the buyer or seller. Reporting then takes between 2-4 weeks depending on the extent of the audit. If there are quicker deadlines we can expedite the report.

We price the report depending on a number of factors including the size and complexity of the code base, database, languages and integrations as well as the depth of assessment areas we audit of the code base. Price ranges from $5,000 -$15,000 and you can align cost with depth to get the report you want for your customer’s budget.