Zendesk Implementation Premier Partner

Need a Zendesk admin?

You don’t have to hire a full-time employee with 729 Solutions’ Zendesk admin services.

Why use a 729 admin?

  • Control your spend and lower your customer support budget
  • Bring best practices and expertise to your customer success organization
  • Save time to start – 729 can kick off work as soon as you sign
  • No need to invest the time and money in training, we have Certified Zendesk Admins ready to go
  • Only pay for what you use by the hour and only when needed
  • Identify problems before they become issues

How does it work?

You can buy admin work by the hour on a monthly retainer basis. We help you on a weekly or monthly basis to optimize your Zendesk use. You get direct access to your admin for questions, to make changes or to help you do customer support projects. All work is delivered remotely. We can have any communication cadence you would like. Your admin will stay with you from month to month so you can trust them to learn about your business and help you grow.

What can my admin do?

  • Create and edit automation/macros
  • Design and implement the ticket workflow
  • Define your unique business rules in the tool
  • Improve your guide content and user experience
  • Help build out an agent facing portal
  • Monitor user content
  • Help create training documentation for agents
  • Improve workflows
  • Create custom reports
  • Create and track SLA service targets
  • Onboard, offboard, and manage agents
  • Create and improve agent views
  • Manage triggers
  • Add new channels like chat or talk
  • Install and configure the app

Optimize your team’s use of Zendesk with the help of an experienced Zendesk Admin

What service level will i get?

  • 2 hour response time during Pacific business hours 9am-5pm
  • Access to a joint Slack Channel for communication
  • A weekly report on work that is done and hours used
  • Time is billed in ¼ hour increments so no time is wasted!

Your admin can also help:

  • Configure Zendesk Support
  • Configure Zendesk Explore
  • Configure Zendesk Talk
  • Configure Zendesk Chat
  • Configure Zendesk Sell
  • Configure Zendesk Guide
  • Install and configure Zendesk Marketplace Apps
  • Provide Guidance
  • Implement new workflows
  • Diagnose issues
  • Provide suggestions for improvements

If you need more than admin work, 729 can help with any Zendesk jobs!

If you need full design and development, 729 has a full professional services team for Zendesk that can help with the following:

Write custom code for Zendesk

Integrate any tools/platforms outside of Zendesk

Write custom applications for Zendesk

Provide design or layout guidance for Zendesk Guide