Leverage our 4 years of expertise to evaluate your Zendesk implementation. We have put together our essential check list to benchmark your success and find places that you can improve.

Why invest in an efficiency Audit?

  • Find workflow challenges for agents and managers
  • Expose customer experience problems and solutions
  • Discover areas to optimize
  • Bring best practices to your admins and agents
  • Leverage the experience of a veteran Zendesk development partner
  • ROI – Save time for your agents on each ticket!

How does it work?

  • Start quickly: After deciding which plan is right for you, reach out to us and we’ll schedule a kick off call. The whole audit normally takes 2 weeks to complete.
  • Quality work: Our certified Zendesk admins have deep competency in looking at Zendesk instances and quickly identifying areas for improvement.
  • Best practices: We have worked with a wide range of customer types and verticals so we can bring experience and perspective on what leading brands are doing to succeed.
  • A Valuable Report: Our detailed reports will give you practical tips and precise direction to take to improve the way your agents work and provide a better customer experience.

Ready for us to complete a Zendesk Efficiency audit for your company?