3 Noteworthy Articles on Learning Chef

Chef Automation

So you have Chef… now what? Read these articles and get started with your automation.

Chef 101: The Road to Best Practices

Nick Rycar gives us the low down on Chef basics by beginning with a list of commonly used terminology in the world of Chef such as Cookbooks, Supermarkets, and Servers (words make me think about preparing dinner but make developers think the organization, public repositories, and indexes). In this article, you’ll learn enough to understand the basics and find a reference to additional information for when you’re ready to read more.

I did the tutorial, now what? Getting started with Chef on real infrastructure

Morgan Drake talks about what to do once you’ve learned the basics and are ready to jump into your system with 2 feet and introduce automation.  She covers Automating the Runbook, Automate around an outage, Application Installation, Poor targets for first-time automaters, and gives you additional resources to tackle if you need additional direction.

Learning Chef: online and in-person

In this article, Brian Turner lays all the many ways you can learn Chef – from the Chef Rally, new and updated courses they provide, online and instructor-let learning, and registration links for all of the above. If you’re looking for an all-in-one resource for where to get additional Chef training information, start here.


Done learning and just want to pass the project off to a specialist? We have certified Chef specialists ready to take over your automation needs.

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