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AWS tools can be used to support many different kinds of technologies, websites, and applications. It is no wonder that game creators also use AWS to help scale and run their platforms. Here is a selection of AWS blog posts from the last year that showcases and discuss use cases that specifically have to do with computer games and gaming.

Get Autoscaling Right the First Time with Amazon GameLift Target Tracking – This post discusses the feature Target Tracking in Amazon GameLift. Before Target Tracking, users had to create their own set of complex rules, but now that won’t be necessary. Gamelift works to automatically turn off game servers when they are not being used or add more if they are needed. This helps to reduce the waste and costs of server space.

Pain in the Asset Library: How Machine Learning can make your production pipeline 1000x faster – In game development, commonly large asset libraries of textures or scenes are used as a basis for designers and moving through this large library can take a lot of time. Utilizing Amazon Rekognition, this once hours-long process can be done in seconds. Rekognition works by using machine learning and image recognition to find images in files in minutes instead of hours.

Case Study: Mindstorm Increases Word Fiend’s ARPPU by 500% with GameOn – The creators of Word Fiends wanted to make this simple game more competitive, run tournaments and give out real prizes. When they integrated with GameOn, Word Fiend says they saw a spike in both engagement and monetization. GameOn is a platform that helps run game competitions; the API can host multi-round competitions and leaderboards as well as leagues anywhere AWS exists. It can also be used with any device, operating system or screen size.

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