Are you just starting to utilize HubSpot, or are you considering starting to use it as a base for your inbound marketing efforts? If you are new to HubSpot or Inbound Marketing, we encourage you and your team to take the time to go through HubSpot Academy. The Academy offers free online courses, certifications, and training videos to help you understand the HubSpot infrastructure and learn inbound marketing principles.

HubSpot Academy Basics

Pick your experience by going through individual lessons, or by following tracks. A track is a group of lessons put together to give you the most in-depth overview of a particular topic. Use the categories available to find the specific lessons and tracks that you would like to take.

Categories include:


Lesson Topics include:

Social Media                                     Marketing Automations
Sales Enablement                            Inbound
SEO                                                  Lead Generation
Video                                                Reporting
Inbound Marketing                           GDPR
Content Marketing                           Contact Management
Website Design                                Email Marketing
Inbound Sales

Product lessons include:

Documents                                           SEO
Templates                                             Projects
Websites                                               Landing Pages
Emails                                                   CRM
Development                                        Calendar
Pop-up Forms                                       Forms
Integrations                                           Blog
Reports                                                 CTAs
Campaigns                                           Customer feedback
Tickets                                                  Design
Social Media                                         Lists
Ads                                                       Conversions
Contacts                                               Workflow


Easily go through tracks and lessons, and HubSpot will keep track of what you have finished and keep your place when you take a break. You will also be able to track your progress and see different accomplishments made throughout your educational adventure, like when you earn certificates.

HubSpot Academy is one of the best features that HubSpot offers in terms of truly helping customers understand how to use marketing to their companies advantage. With such a wide range of topics covered—and the ability to move at a speed that works for each individual—the education offered is useful and insightful. Even if you are not using HubSpot as the main tool in your tool box, the principles can be applied in many ways. It’s a one-of-a-kind and incredibly useful for those just getting started in marketing and sales practices, as well as those with seasoned experience.

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