Bring your Customer Support to another level – Add Zendesk Connect Today!

Bring your Customer Support to another level; Add Zendesk Connect Today!

It’s Time To Go Above and Beyond For Your Customers

There is almost always room for customers to feel more taken care of by your customer service team. Often little things like personalization can go along way in leaving your customers feeling like they are a priority.  So what is the next step to take once you are effectively using the business rules within Zendesk Support to your advantage?
Some companies want their customer support to go above and beyond—helping customers throughout their buyer journey, rather than just when they have a problem. This is why Zendesk created Zendesk Connect, to help facilitate a more engaging and productive journey for your customer and your support team. Your team knows what your customers want, need, and expect, Connect uses this information to design the journey that is right for each customer. It facilitates better communication throughout your channels, minimizing traffic while optimizing the flow of information. You can, for example, send messages in real-time via any channel based on what your customers behavior with your website.

Zendesk Connect Features

Zendesk Connect works by connecting your support data with your product data so that your team can automate and evaluate proactive email, website, and mobile messages.

Get info to the right customers at the right time

  • Create recurring messages – Send out a message every time a customer matches the criteria of a triggered campaign, with the ability to limit message volume and add frequency caps so your messages do not become a nuisance.
  • Segment Users – Properly direct  messages based on the customer behavior while interacting with your product or service and their support history.
  • Send in real time – Automate communication using our API, Zendesk Support, and partner integrations.

Get Personal

  • Conditional Logic – Decide what each user sees—include IF, ELSE, and looping logic to display different message content based on the recipient’s status.
  • Fetch Dynamic Content – Get text and images specific to each recipient right when a message sends, helping your team suggest items or create email digests.
  • Personalize variables – Create messages based on user data or event data. (An event is any time a function initiates , like a purchase or creating a support ticket)

Track each customer step

  • Reach existing users – Automatically synchronize customers from Zendesk Support into Connect, including custom attributes—then use that data for segmentation.
  • Track CSAT history – Connect keeps track of when a ticket is created, updated, or solved in Support. With this data you can decide who receives messages, and how they influence tickets with specific tags.
  • Track ticket history – Control the communication flow based on the quality of individual users experiences with CSAT ratings.

Test and Experiment

  • A/B Testing – Test multiple versions of a message, choose to test the same channel, or any combination.
  • Control Groups – Test to see what happens when you don’t send a message prompting a customer and when you do.
  • Find Success – Figure out which version of a message is the most successful. Connect automatically chooses the winning version of the message to send in the future.

Get Happier Customers with Connect

If you are looking for a way to bring the support your team offers to a higher level—while utilizing all of the information gathered by Zendesk right at your fingertips—then it is probably time to add Zendesk Connect to your instance. Offer a smoother, more customized, and personalized communication experience, work with people throughout their journey with your product, and use testing to your advantage to find the most effective path for each customer.

Download our Efficiency Checklist

Find out if Zendesk Connect can bulk up your existing Support.

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