Is it time to migrate to Zendesk or adopt a Custom App?

Is it time to migrate to Zendesp or adopt a custom app?
Sometimes you need a Custom App Solution to get the most out of Zendesk.

Case Study: ASG

A common ask we see here at 729 Solutions with our Zendesk clients is the need to move a bunch of existing information from the customer service tool that they are leaving behind into their new Zendesk. For example, things like tickets, customer information, and agents might all still be relevant in your new Zendesk instance, and when it is more than just a handful, it’s likely that the task of manually moving everything over to Zendesk is pretty daunting.

Similarly we are also, often in tandem, asked to create custom app integrations that can make Zendesk work with your individual system or with tools that don’t have their own existing integration for Zendesk. Why would you abandon tools that are working or an in-house system you have spent a lot of time, energy, and money creating that works for your team? Why completely abandon something when you could simply integrate it with Zendesk?

Zendesk Custom Integration and Support for ASG

The Technical Work

ASG needed to create a system that would synchronize user, organizational, and product data between ASG’s internal systems and their Zendesk instance. Simultaneously, they also needed to migrate historical tickets from their existing closed system into their new Zendesk. 729 Solutions’ unique understanding of building and connecting API’s to Zendesk and our experience with creating custom apps for Zendesk made us the perfect match for ASG’s needs.

Final Results

729 Solutions was able to create a system that migrated their old tickets so no historical data was lost when they officially started using their new Zendesk instance. We also synchronized their internal system with their new Zendesk instance, allowing them a high level of clarity into their systems. 729solutions provided ASG with end to end customer support, development, and consulting throughout the length of their project and continues to support ASG a year after the applications were built. 729 Solutions also created and delivered training materials, one on one training, and custom admin support for ASG’s team so their transition to using Zendesk could go as smooth as possible.

Get the support and service you have dreamed about!

729 Solutions delivered ASG a complex legacy integration, migrated their existing data, as well as offered post “go live” services and support to be sure that everything continued to work as planned. If your company is looking for the right team to lead the way through your transition to Zendesk, 729 Solutions is definitely up to the task!

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