Upcoming Chef 14 Release

Chef 14

Chef 14: Coming April 2018

According to Chef.io, the release of Chef Client 14 and ChefDK 3 is happening in early April, 2018. Chef claims this version will be fast and user friendly.  With promises of removing old code, increasing security, and performance, we’re all looking forward to seeing what this update has in store.

Their website states that new resources they are working on include:

  • docker_container, docker_registry, docker_exec, and docker_network
  • ohai_hint and chef_handler, for easier cookbook development
  • dmg_package, homebrew_cask, and homebrew_tap for macOS support
  • windows_font, powershell_module, and a few other Windows resources

With a more robust and savvy version being released, you guessed it, Chef 12 is scheduled to be fizzled out.

Chef 12: Soon to be Unsupported

On April 30, 2018, Chef will discontinue support of Chef 12. It will no longer be available for download, and will not receive any further security or feature updates.  In what Chef is calling “End of Life” for Chef 12, they’ve provided resources and recommendations for updating and migrating in order for a smooth transition. Read the Resources Chef has provided.

Not comfortable making the move yourself?

We’ve got you covered. Reach out to 729 Solutions today before you’re stuck on an unsupported, outdated version, and let us migrate you before it’s too late!

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