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Case Study: Netflix

We have found that many companies using Zendesk often want the platform to perform capabilities, make connections or work in ways that meet their own specific needs and therefore are not features or integrations included in the base Zendesk infrastructure. Netflix needed a custom solution that worked with their very specific translation needs to automatically pull articles, categories, and sections from their Zendesk Guide and submit them to their internal translation service. In addition, the solution also needed to be able to receive the completed translations and upload them to Zendesk in the correct location.

729’s Custom Solution

We began by working with Netflix to identify the exact requirements for the customization, clarifying as many potential features and needs as possible in the beginning.

After the initial brainstorm and planning stages, 729 created a tool with a user interface that allowed authenticated users to do the following:

  • Access the system
  • Add and update multiple Zendesk Guides
  • Configure the languages particular categories should be translated to
  • View an ongoing log of actions within the service
  • Manage users

How It Works

The system examines article labels to determine if an article needs to be translated and it’s due date. The system also updates these labels so it is easy to determine if the articles have already been translated.


When this system is launched into production it will connect several different Zendesk Help Guides and provide automated translation services. Having this custom solution will save Netflix many manual hours, eliminating the need to copy and paste work for translation every month.

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