Gaming Tech In 2018

Gaming Tech

Some of the biggest advancements in technology happen thanks to our obsession with gaming and our desire as humans to make games more realistic, interactive and hopefully more fun. Figuring out this gaming tech is important for more than just gaming since many of these advances could be utilized for health and medical tech, military, and other non-gaming forms of leisure.

Facial Recognition

What is facial recognition?

A new technology that is getting added to gaming is 3D scanning and facial recognition technology. With this new technology, systems can create almost your exact likeness but inside a game world. Now, creating life-like avatars is a lot more fun and interesting. You can even program in your own expressions. The Intel RealSense 3D camera can track and adapt motions and expressions by scanning 78 different points on your face. It can even change the direction or intensity of the game based on what kind of faces it detects from the user. With this sort of technology coming up, gaming is going to start to feel a lot more personal, since we will literally be able to see ourselves inside the game.

Gesture control

What is gesture control?

Similar to how their facial recognition works, Intel’s RealSense technology also allows gestures and body movements to be recorded and used for games just like with facial recognition. This technology will help make games more interactive as the 3D camera tracks your 22 points on a person’s hands which translates into the gameplay. The game Warrior Wave is already using this technology in their gameplay.

Voice recognition

What is voice recognition?

Voice controls have already been around for a while; computers and phones can often be easily managed using just your voice and now it is becoming an option in gaming. It may even prevent you one day from having to pick up a controller at all, if ideally through your game system you would be able to use voice recognition for things like surfing the web, checking social media, and playing music. So far it is still not the norm within gaming consoles and gear, but it’s starting to pop up in games, like in older game Bot Colony and newer games like Oculus Rift. Voice recognition is going to start getting more traction, especially as other technologies like facial recognition and gesture control also gain popularity.

Augmented Reality (AR)

What is augmented reality?

AR games have become very popular in the last few years: remember Pokemon Go? These games are unique because they give everyone a different perspective on the game since it is about interacting with the world around you instead of just a television screen or computer monitor. It allows you to hunt Pokemon, run from zombies, play table hockey on your kitchen counter or map out your favorite park to make personalized run routes.

Virtual Reality (VR)

What is virtual reality?

Though this new technology has barely been released to the public, the ones that do exist like the Oculus Go are already giving people a new and exhilarating experience. Though there is room for the technology to get better, you can already lose yourself in this headset with its many games and interactive experiences. This technology is only going to get better and is definitely something to watch in the gaming world in the next few years.

All of these changes and advancements making gaming technology more interesting and more interactive are sure to drive a whole new group of people to try video games. And this is just the beginning, there is a lot of room to grow in these technologies that will make games even more entertaining and make tech more useful for other fields.

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