Fun Tech Stocking Stuffers For 2018!

Christmas Decor

Give your friends and family something unique and fun this year for the holidays. There is literally a fun tech gadget for everyone in your life!

Here are a few suggestions for last minute stocking stuffers:

Amazon Introduces Its Newest Fire Stick

The new Amazon Fire TV 4K Stick only costs around $50 and comes ready with the best technology Amazon has to offer. The 4K offers the highest video and audio quality available in TV sticks currently on the market. It works using Dolby Vision, HDR10+ video and Dolby Atmos audio, making this the best TV streaming stick available right now and the best bang for your buck too!

Super Impulse Mini Arcade Games

Do you have a person in your life who is obsessed with video games? Maybe they are always searching for the games they played in the arcade as a kid? If you have this kind of friend in your life then gift them with a mini version of their favorite arcade game! Super Impulse is making miniature throwback games, each is only about 3.5 inches tall but packs the same punch that the originals do. Each comes with a color display, original sounds, gameplay, and controls and offers games like Ms. Pac-Man, Frogger, and Space Invaders, just to name a few.

Keep Your Packages Safe With The New Blink XT Mini Camera

If you or someone you know is interested in beefing up their home security then it might be time to check out the newest version of Blink. Blink makes home security cameras that are super small and discreet, the new version, the Blink XT, is not only small but also has a two-year battery life, is waterproof, and uploads to cloud storage. It also has motion detection sensors that can be linked to your phone for immediate alerts when something sets it off.

Grab a GoBone And Keep The Dogs Entertained For Hours

Have someone if your life who has dogs, but finds themselves so busy that it’s hard to carve out playtime with them? Throw a GoBone in their Christmas stocking and help them keep their pups happy! This toy is the first of its kind and works to help keep dogs busy with or without their owners present, the toy literally plays with your animal. Playtime is totally customizable and can adapt to dogs of age, size, or ability or download the app and play games with your dog. The GoBone also comes apart for easy cleaning and parts replacement for when your dog gets extra rambunctious.

Give The Gift of a Portable Movie Theater

Literally watch a movie anywhere, anytime with the CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theater! This 3-inch tall portable projector makes it easy to enjoy entertainment at home or on the go, perfect for kids and adults. The CINEMOOD comes with many Disney favorites built right in and connects to Netflix, Amazon Prime, AmebaTV, and YouTube. You can even download Netflix and Prime entertainment right to the device and enjoy movies without needing to connect to the internet!

Have your own fun tech idea?

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