GitHub integrates with many different services, and the GitHub and Microsoft Visual Studio Integration is a truly useful integration for engineers already working in Visual Studio who are looking to further create transparency and streamline their development process.


What is Microsoft Visual Studio?

Microsoft Visual Studio is a development environment that can be used for all different kinds of software and application development on different Microsoft software development platforms like Windows API and Microsoft Silverlight for example. Visual Studio supports 36 different programming languages and you can create both native code and managed code. Features include a code editor, debugger, and a multifaceted design tool, as well as many different add-ons depending on the type of work your team is doing.


How does GitHub and Microsoft Visual Studio Work Together?

GitHub can help improve many aspects of development and can integrate with many other development tools bringing clarity and a more a collaborative work environment to your engineering team. GitHub’s integration with Microsoft Visual Studios has an extremely easy installation process and makes it so you can work within both tools at once through the Visual Studios dashboard. Installation is literally a matter of choosing a GitHub integration when you start your Visual Studios account or a quick download if you already have an account.

Enjoy these features right inside Visual Studios:

  • Create and clone repositories
  • Create and view pull requests
  • Publish local work to GitHub
  • Create gists


It can be important to find tools that will support your dev teams success and GitHub is an amazing option for making this happen. If you are using Microsoft Visual Studios adding this integration could help your team keep on top of what they are building while also allowing them to collaborate more effectively, thanks to the live stream of information coming in from GitHub. Your team will see issues sooner and thus be able to address them much faster then with no integration at all.


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