Learn More GitHub! Check Out These Case Studies

Learn More GitHub! Check Out These Case Studies

Want to Learn How GitHub Can Help Make Your Team a Success?

GitHub case studies provide an interesting look at how different companies have used and customized this awesome tool to create business solutions that made sense for their teams and their customers.

GitHub Case Study: NASA Jet Propulsion (JPL)

Collaboration is an integral part of the work done at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, however for a long time collaboration on software development was fractured within the organization. Different teams were duplicating engineering work because they had no good way to see what others were doing or keep up with different projects between teams. So they set up a GitHub for everyone within their Operations Laboratory and slowly pulled in users over several months. This situation was unique because since they had no method for collaboration before, so there was nothing to get in the way to bringing the whole community together through this instance. The fact that GitHub can integrate with many tools, and support many different projects means that it was the perfect choice for their developers.

Read the case study here: enterprise.github.com/case-studies/jpl

GitHub Case Study: Trainline

Trainline is a digital rail and coach platform where customers can purchase tickets through the web, over the phone or through a mobile app. They also provide travel planning and other info relating to train travel throughout the UK. 15 years ago they started as a simple call center for booking tickets, but as the world changed and became more digital, Trainline saw the opportunity in front of them to expand the ways their customers planned their trips and bought tickets. Thanks to GitHub they are able to integrate the many third-party apps it takes to support the millions of visitors they get each month while keeping their software engineering team happy and supported.

Read the case study here: enterprise.github.com/case-studies/trainline

GitHub Case Study: HubSpot

HubSpot was looking to decrease the number of tools their development team was using, while at the same time being able to scale as they grew larger. It was also important to not compromise on the level of security they required. GitHub was able to help HubSpot accomplish all three of their queries. With their open-source platform through GitHub its made the development process simpler, while creating transparency between teams, helped them prepare to grow these teams as their business did. They have also used the GitHub platform to build several of their own internal automation services; one called Babel works to trigger a translation workflow anytime a developer commits language changes.

Read the case study here: enterprise.github.com/case-studies/hubspot

GitHub is a remarkable tool for development and collaboration. It can be utilized to make almost any idea come to life and these studies showcase the creative ways other companies are using this tool. To read more GitHub case studies check out enterprise.github.com/case-studies

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