Have you ever thought “How Does New Relic Work?”

What is New Relic?

“Life’s too short for bad software.”

This is New Relic’s mantra, and here at 729 Solutions, we are believers in this as well!

So, what IS New Relic anyway?  How Does New Relic Work? It’s detailed information about your hardware and software – from its performance to your user’s experience – but simplified. New Relic makes it easy for you to make the connection from your software to your customer so you can resolve problems and issues before, during, and after their occurrence.  Get insights into what’s working and what’s not, and it will do it fast and efficiently.

How Does New Relic Work?

New Relic’s features allow you to:

  • Regulate performance
  • Find and resolve pain points
  • Study user interactions
  • Identify issues before users are affected (and be automatically notified about it!)

Simply said, New Relic helps you prepare for the worst and be ready for the best.
The suite of products at New Relic allows for capabilities such as Alerts, Applied Intelligence, and Enterprise security, for example.

Their products include:

  • APM
  • Infrastructure
  • Browser
  • Mobile
  • Synthetics
  • Insights

Wondering if New Relic can help you analyze and optimize your software?

Talk to one of our specialists today to see if it’s the solution for you.

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