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As a company grows and hires more employees, it becomes increasingly important to have a solid training program. Zendesk’s platform comes with a bit of a learning curve, and when it comes to customer service, effective training is critical in allowing an organization to scale quickly. Once agents get the hang of Zendesk, it can be a breeze but in the beginning, it can be overwhelming. An effective training program can help your customer service and support agents get up to speed and work more efficiently sooner rather than later.

Lessonly provides the training your company needs

Lessonly takes the challenge of creating team training and simplifies the process with their powerfully simple training software. Lessonly for Zendesk brings training directly into Zendesk, enabling customer service teams to create training and practice opportunities based on real support ticket data. This functionality gives agents the opportunity to rehearse a variety of real-world job scenarios and receive helpful feedback from their managers all in a safe space. Teams can also bring the full experience inside of the Zendesk platform so agents, new and old, can find the training on products, processes, and their company right when and where they need it most.

729 Solutions Can Get You Ready to Integrate with Lessonly

We have the expertise to set up your Zendesk instance so that integrating with Lessonly is a smooth experience. Your team can stay on track while we focus on making sure everything works!

Complete an Efficiency report

  • Check that you are making the most of your Zendesk instance and utilizing what you have to its fullest capacity.
  • Suggest and recommend changes to improve instance.
  • Complete the recommended changes as you wish to see.

Prepare for the addition of Lessonly

  • Help set up proper business rules (triggers, automations etc) within Zendesk so that Lessonly works its best.
  • Install the Lessonly app or act as support for your team during the install process.

Post Integration

  • Work to ensure you are fully utilizing the benefits of Lessonly
  • Further curate business rules, so you get the most out of Lessonly and all your other apps.

Get Started Today!

Are you ready to create effective training programs that will empower your Zendesk agents? Then it’s time to explore how Lessonly fits into your overall customer service game plan. 729 Solutions can help lead the way to success through integrated support and Zendesk optimization so your agents and customers feel more at ease and taken care of.

Written with help from Content Manager Rachel Saltsgaver at Lessonly.

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