Integrating tools with AWS

integrating other tools with AWS

AWS is vast and has many different tools and programs to help ensure its customers have the best environment that they can for building and interacting with the internet. AWS knows that it’s customers expect to be able to integrate with many other popular tools of the trade that help streamline development experiences.

Here are three AWS blog posts expanding on how to integrate with different applications:

AWS Developer Tools Moves to Include Integration with GitHub

AWS Developer Tools are a group of tools, including AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild, and AWS CodeDeploy. All of these tools and services securely store and maintain version control of your application’s code and automatically build, test, and deploy applications to AWS or your own environment. Now, AWS CodeStar and AWS CodeBuild integrate with GitHub, making it easier for GitHub users to set up continuous integrations and continuous delivery toolchains as part of their release process.

Integrating JFrog Artifactory with AWS CodePipeline

Using the right tools and methodologies can simplify any process, this blog post goes into detail about automating the creation and storage of application artifacts. Author Erin McGill goes through the implementation of a pipeline and custom deploy actions in AWS CodePipeline. Ultimately the build artifact is published to a JFrog Artifactory npm repository.

Use Slack ChatOps to Deploy Your Code

Slack is a tool widely used for DevOps and development teams to communicate about project status. This blog post shows you how to integrate AWS services with Slack. Promote a stage with a single click using an interactive message button and incoming webhook. This means that with one click from a Slack channel you can promote a build to production. And your whole team can see this right in Slack without having to check any other services or their email.

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